The art of music making involves an artistic mind and a solid understanding of musical theory. Then, production software and instruments also play a crucial role in the production of the hottest tracks on the market. There are however organizations which specialize in facilitating the music making process and provide synthesized loops for every music genre you can think of. This can save you hours of time sitting behind your laptop on Ableton and give you more time to focus on things like mixing and mastering. One popular site on which users post, sell, and purchase music loops is known as producer loops. Sites such as this coordinate with music producers and provide a solid platform by which producers can earn a commission for their work. Some producers may sell the rights to their work and others will demand a portion of all royalties for the tracks produced. The decision is ultimately up to the artists but oftentimes music producers can achieve seniority of the artist they work with. Some music producers even become more popular than the artists themselves. Artist such as Timbland and DJ Kaled are excellent examples of this.

What are Loops?

Loops refers to musical samples typically synthesized on computer-based music production software such as Ableton or Fruity loops to name a few. A song is divided into beats, bars, and phrases, and these beats bars and phrases tend to loop after a set amount of beats. In shorts, these beat loops can be used to produce music in all genres. It typically takes several hours to produce beat samples thus using online services that provide affordable platforms makes a lot of sense. Some users may be discouraged by the fact that someone else is involved in their music making process, especially if they are themselves music producers. It is illustrated that the extensive use of samples produced by ghost producers for some of the industry’s top artists. Music production doesn’t have to be difficult and can, in fact, be made easier thanks to technology. Networks provide videos and articles related to music and music production and provide advice on where to purchase samples or even how to produce your own.

For the Vocalists

There are many artists out there who vocalist in need of a beat are simply to go along their lyrics and song. It is crucial for them to find networks of people who produce music at an affordable rate, especially in today’s world with subscription-based music services drastically lowering the market value of music per listen. Websites such as Spotify host music available for free listen with ads or membership-based subscriptions. This means that artists need networks and website-based sample and loop producer networks. Rappers often need a solid beat in order to coordinate their flow and express their lyrical genius. Oftentimes the vocalist and ghost producer will develop multiple tracks and become partners of sorts in sharing their musical royalties or the vocalist will pay cash for the sample.

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