Erectile dysfunction is not an old age disorder anymore because every year millions of people especially over the age of 20 are falling prey to erectile dysfunction. There are many factors that have contributed to such rapid spread of this embarrassing disorder which affects the men not only physically but mentally as well. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to underlying medical conditions, psychological factors as well as environmental factors.

Medical conditions are not that hard to diagnose and treat by the doctors but if we talk about psychological factors the person needs consultation to find out the root cause. Environmental factors are the easiest one to recognize and are very easy to trace and treat.  Erectile dysfunction is treatable if the man suffering from it takes right consultation from the doctor and follows the advice. There is no other alternative a person should look to because it might not do well for the person.

There are medical conditions and treatments where the doctor prescribes drugs or recreational drugs like generic Cialis or Viagra if the intensity of the dysfunction is not severe or carry out penile implants or vascular surgery if there is no other way left to treat erectile dysfunction. Similarly there are certain therapies which are equivalently beneficial as compared to the surgical treatments or medicines like Cialis generic or prescription drugs.

So let’s look at some of the therapies which are said to treat erectile dysfunction and know how they are effective:

Psychological factors of erectile dysfunction can be treated with the help of therapies. The primary function of therapies is to find out the root cause of the disorder and advise the person to follow guidelines to get his life back on track. Therapies are meant to break down the stress which is prevalent in psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.


This is one of the therapies which is also the most common to treat stress and anxiety factors. Most psychological causes takes a toll on the person and the person goes through many emotions and stress is one of them. Counselling thus help to find out the root cause of the emotions and manage it.

Psychodynamic therapy:

This is one therapy that is quite effective in bringing the root cause to the surface and quickly treat the patient. In it the subconscious conflict is addressed to trace the root cause behind the erectile dysfunction.

Sex Therapy:

It involves making the person feel the sensational pleasure instead of arousal or sexual activity. The primary focus of this therapy is to reduce the stress level and helping the person build a more reliable sex life.

Sexual anxiety therapy:

This therapy is meant to make the person stress free by providing him in-depth knowledge of erectile dysfunction. There are people who worry a lot because of lack of knowledge about erectile dysfunction. After imparting knowledge the doctor then address emotional issues. This way the therapy work great for the men suffering from ED.

Beside the above mentioned therapies there are other very effective techniques like Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture which are also used to treat ED.

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