Christmas is a time for friends, family and feasting, but it’s also a time for festive looking tables, and not everyone is a dab hand at creating a glittering set up that’s magazine worthy.

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With these tips and tricks, however, you can transform your table, and as an added plus, they are all easy to do.

Add some sparkle
Whether it’s a cluster of baubles, tinsel draped across the middle of the table or a festive red and gold runner, a bit of sparkle goes a long way. Anything that’s eye-catching works well, and if you can add a bit of glitter, or gold gleam, go for it.

Stick with a colour scheme
Red, green and gold are the traditional Christmas colours, and if you can stick with this palette you’ll have an instantly festive look and feel. Charger plates are a great addition to any table, as are napkins and candles in any one of the three colours. You can mix and match as you desire, and really be creative with the way you fold the napkins and place the candles.

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Miniature decorations
A large Christmas table gives you carte blanche to create your own Christmas decorations, and if you don’t have supplies you can always order them and rely on a same day courier such as to deliver the goods.

Miniature snowmen are easy to make with polystyrene balls, as are baubles that you decorate with shiny paint and glitter. You can also be a bit more adventurous and make your own cut out snowflakes or other themed symbols from felt, or from thick card. These can then be placed at strategic points around the table to add a bit more Christmas magic!

Go green
You don’t need as many trees as the White House, but a bit of greenery goes a long way. In addition to the traditional fir tree, you can easily make wreaths by wrapping greenery round in a circle and festooning it with red and gold ribbons, and you can even trail ivy over your table if you are after a more woodland, rustic feel.

A wreath centrepiece with a candle in the middle always looks good, and you can spray it with glitter too to add some extra sparkle.

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