5 Foods You Need to Avoid on a Skoda Yeti Road Trip

The Skoda Yeti is a fantastic crossover car to use for your next family road trip. One important need for a travelling family is adequate food for the journey. However, there are a number of foods that are ill suited to the needs of a family on the move. Let’s take a look at five foods that you need to avoid on your next road trip. 1. Fizzy Soda Drinks Carbonated drinks companies are one of the greatest users of sugar in the world. A single can of soda may contain ten teaspoons of sugar, and this will cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Drinking carbonated drinks can cause indigestion and bloating which will make you feel uncomfortable on a long road trip. The high levels of sodium, caffeine and of course sugar can dehydrate the body and cause nausea. 2. Fatty Foods The body requires a lot of energy to burn fatty foods like burgers and chips. Although it may feel like a satisfying meal at a roadside stop, fatty foods are a poor choice. Later, you will feel bloated and perhaps even sleepy which is a recipe for disaster when driving. 3. Highly Acidic Foods

When we eat food that has a high acid content, such as oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes and lemons our bladders can become irritated. This may mean that you have to pull off the road more often to take comfort breaks. These kinds of foods also promote acid reflux leading to a choking feeling when driving which is a less than ideal situation. 4. Dairy Products You may feel that chocolate, cheese or a milkshake at the drive thru are all a great idea for food on the road. In fact, dairy foods or food with a high milk content can cause bloating and stomach cramps. In extreme circumstances, you may even develop diarrhea which is terrible when you are travelling and don’t have immediate access to a toilet. 5. Excessive Amounts of Salt Salty foods have a propensity to cause stomach bloating because you are forcing your body to retain more water than it needs. You will need to drink more water, causing you to stop more often to empty your bladder. However, salt is very effective at dealing with motion sickness, so it can help if that is an issue for a family member. If they are looking for a Skoda Yeti for sale, Perth drivers should contact us here at Skoda Perth. We have a wide choice of both used and new cars available including the Skoda Yeti for sale. We invite you to join us for a test drive at your earliest convenience to try the out the Skoda driving experience firsthand. If you need financing, you will find that our rates are highly competitive and tailored to your own unique circumstances. Our sales team are looking forward to answering any further questions you may have.

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