Avoiding Tickets on Your New Nissan Patrol How Close Can You Park to Corners?

When considering a Nissan Patrol for sale, Perth drivers often calculate the costs of finance, insurance and other on the road costs. However, if you start to rack up parking tickets, the cost of motoring can quickly start to skyrocket. So, here we will explore how close you can park for corners or driveways legally, so you can avoid those costly tickets. The Extent of the Problem: If you live near a CBD or walking distance from a main bus stop or major train stop, you are likely to have experienced the frustration of discovering that someone has left you trapped in your house by parking across all or part of your driveway. With any luck, it will be a flying visit and the driver will return in just a few minutes, but you may find that you are stuck for a day or two. In 2016, Katrina Gulabovski found that a car was parked across her Sydney driveway while its owner had flown off to Bali for a holiday. Ms. Gulabovski had to ring the police and council, but it was still seven days before the vehicle was moved. While this was remarkably frustrating for the property owner, it is unclear just how large a fine the driver racked up. Parking Near Intersections: So, if you want to avoid fines on your new Nissan Patrol, here is the general rule of thumb about parking near intersections. While there can be slight variation in the rules, generally, you shouldn’t park within twenty metres of a traffic light intersection. If there are no traffic lights at the intersection, this distance is reduced to ten metres.

Laws About Parking Across Driveways: The laws surrounding parking across driveways vary from state to state. For example, in NSW, you cannot park across a driveway, but you are permitted for a two minute pause for dropping off or picking up passengers. This is the same in Victoria. However, in WA, the wording of the laws is slightly different. It dictates that you not stop your vehicle so that any part of it is in a position to obstruct access. This means that providing your Patrol is not jutting out over the boundary of a driveway; you are okay. The wording of the parking laws is simply a very technical way to say that you shouldn’t obstruct a driveway and prevent people from accessing their own home. This should be common sense, so it is worth considering how you would feel if the situation was reversed and someone had parked near your home. If you are considering a Nissan Patrol for sale in Perth, you should visit us. We have an unrivalled selection of vehicles including the new Nissan Patrol. The Duncan Nissan sales team is also available to answer any queries you may have about the Nissan Patrol for sale, Perth pricing, and current offers.

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