Using E10 Fuel in The Skoda Superb

It may be hard to believe, but ethanol blended biofuel has been in common use in Australia for over two decades. There was some initial resistance to using this fuel, but now we can find it on forecourts all across the country. Commonly referred to as E10 this fuel has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. One common question that many car manufacturers are asked is whether E10 is safe to use in their particular car. Let’s take a closer look at what E10 fuel is and whether it is a good choice for a Skoda Superb car. What is E10 Fuel? It was back in the 90’s when fuel companies began to offer unleaded fuel that was blended with Ethanol. This was promoted as more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to a traditional petrol mix. The Ethanol used is made from sugar cane molasses or sometimes red sorghum making it a renewable ingredient. This blended fuel mix is commonly called E10 because it contains no more than 10% bioethanol and it burns cleaner than petrol. This fuel produces less carbon monoxide and carbon emissions, and it’s usually a little cheaper at the pump. Are There any Disadvantages?

An Ethanol mixed fuel is not as efficient as a purer petroleum based fuel with a lower combustion heat. The fuel does not contain as much energy, and as a result, fuel consumption is raised. In real terms, this offsets any financial gains made at the pump. A more in depth analysis may highlight the use of crops, land use, machinery used and the fuel burned to actually raise, harvest and create Ethanol that makes it less environmentally friendly than it would first appear. However, these complex issues go far beyond the scope of this particular article. The Skoda Superb: After its initial introduction, some manufacturers reported engine damage issues. In the intervening years, engines have developed to easily use newer fuel types. However, this stigma remains, and it is still the cause of a lot of confusion today. In fact, Skoda’s own manuals clearly state that unleaded fuel can be used with at most a 10% ethanol mix. Using E10 fuel will not harm your Skoda Superb engine, and it is a viable fuel type for everyday use. If you’re looking for a Skoda Superb for sales, contact us here at Skoda Perth. We have a wide selection of both new and used cars for sale including the Skoda Superb. Book a test drive with us online and try the Skoda driving experience for yourself. If you require financing, you find that our rates are highly competitive and tailored to your individual circumstances. Our sales team is standing by to answer any remaining questions that you may have.

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