5 Reasons Why Your Conference Should Have an App

Organizing a conference demands coordination and management across multiple functions not only during the conference but right from conception and post event as well.This poses a challenge for the conference managers as they have to achieve targets across all components in a cost and time effective manner.Mobile Apps provide a powerful solution for the resource,logistics,and communication management of conferences. Here are five reasons that will convince you about the potential of Mobile Apps to make a gigantic difference in the reach and effectiveness of your conference- 1. Relationship Management Mobile Apps are perhaps the most valuable tools that enable Mobile and conference managers to create audience databases,design personalized communication messages,and ensure that the audience is always in the loop. Today’s Mobile apps have fully stacked CRMs that help the conference managers in audience relationship management by providing options for in-app registrations,payments,emailing, messaging,and sending push notifications. 2. Supercharged Networking options Any conference’s success depends on how easily attendees can find and connect with participants whose profile matches their objectives.The Mobile apps intuitively give suggestions to the audience regarding whom to connect with.The attendees can even look up each other on professional networking sites like Linkedin right from the apps.And networking often begins long before the event – so that conference becomes the culmination of relationship building rather than the starting point. 3. Facilitate B2B interactions Mobile Apps not only help the sponsors and exhibitors to promote the businesses and brands, but also help to create a more personal and long-term relationship with the attendees. Mobile app features like sponsor showcase and push notifications help to keep the audience updated.Through the personal chats, businesses can talk to each other beforehand and schedule interactions at the conference venue.Most importantly,the businesses will have access to audience profile so that they can prioritize and customize the interactions. 4. Enhance audience engagement Mobile apps help in dynamic and interactive audience engagement in a couple of ways.To begin with, Mobile apps help you create engagement opportunities throughout the conference life cycle and not only at the conference venue.Live engagement options like polls,contents,and social sharing help to make the conference proceedings entertaining and integrated.The options to check out speakers,chat with them and go through their presentations before-hand elevates the sessions during the conference. 5. Organisational and logistics support Mobile Apps are one of the surefire ways of delivering conference objectives in a cost and time effective manner within timelines.The automation options in Mobile apps take over a major chunk of the human tasks and lets the team concentrate on operational details.For instance, chatbots in Mobile apps provide highly customized and human-like interactions while assisting the attendees.CRM automation ensures that no time is wasted in addressing mundane queries.

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