Expert Racking Company in London

Space is a big problem faced my many people. Proper utilisation of space and the need for maximising available floor space has become very important. However, a racking system can be considered the best solution to all your problems, to arrange, organise and stock up things precisely in offices, homes and also other large industrial companies. Eastwood Racking Company is one of the most experienced racking company in London. Established in 1962, we have evolved within the storage industry for the past 56 years. We also have vast experience within the shopfitting industry and are able to offer one stop solutions to all retail/warehouse situations and trade counters. Different businesses will have varying needs and storage requirements. The set up and storage space of one working environment may be completely different from another. For instance, warehouse racking system should suit the specific needs of your warehouse in order to achieve smooth business operations.

Whether your need is small shelving to a large retail/distribution warehouse, we have it covered. We can offer site inspection and design service subject to our terms and conditions. We are confidently capable that we can analyse and put forward a dynamic storage solution for any problem a solve it with a correct product from stock promptly. Each member of our team is all equipped with a minimum of over 30 years’ experience. In simple terms relax and let us find a solution. Our storage solutions can help to optimize space and increase the productivity of your business. Racking and Shelving systems are very beneficial, no matter where they are used as they occupy very little space while offering more storage space. Another advantage of using shelving systems is that they help to organise workspaces. This makes finding and retrieving things easy for employees, which improves daily tasks. With a stock worth 3 million, we are quick to deliver and even install at very short notice. Eastwood Racking Company has a broad range of storage solutions including Longspan Racking, Rivet Racking, Cantilever and Vertical Racks. We have a combined knowledge of over 150 years and since 1962 have followed and are aware of every trend within the industry.

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