When and how we listen to music is a personal choice, as is the choice of music. Playing music in the background while you work can have huge benefits, including better productivity and better mood; however, not everyone will want to work to music. If you are part of a large workforce, agreeing on a playlist can be difficult; however, the benefits could far outweigh this.


One of the many reasons people like to listen to music is because they find it relaxing and calming. If you work in a high-pressured, busy office, easing any work-related stress can make for a much happier working environment.


Music for business can aid concentration and stop other distractions getting in the way. This is proven by doctors performing surgery, who often play music in the operating theatre.

Offices located in busy towns or next to buildings sites or large development works can find the external noises very hard to block out. Who wouldn’t prefer to listen to music instead?


In addition to improving your mood, music can make you feel more upbeat and positive and even improve your overall happiness levels. If working in a very quiet office where interaction is limited, playing music in the background can ease any tension and create a more positive atmosphere.

Sir Paul McCartney recently discussed how music comes from emotion in an interview with the BBC.

Stops procrastination

Workers who struggle with silence will often find other things to distract them, such as clicking a pen lid or desk tapping. This can distract their colleagues and affect productivity; fortunately, playing music can stop these habits developing.

For those who are working in an industry in which clients and customers are regularly visiting their offices or retail outlets, music can encourage feelings of positivity. Music for business can therefore be a very worthwhile investment.


Working to music is not a recent phenomenon; in fact, recorded music was often used in factories to improve production and reduce fatigue in the 1930s. Today, music is much more accessible. Workers who are listening on headphones can feel isolated, whereas listening out loud can irritate or upset others; therefore, finding the right tunes and playing them at an appropriate volume level is essential for a happy and productive team.

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