If someone wants to run a business, then communication between customers is a very important factor. In this technological era, the conversation is made with live chats, chatbots, and conversational AI. Each has its benefits depending on the type of business. This blog will learn about the preferred way a company wants to communicate with its customers.

At first, we will learn how this communication works

●    Live chats

Live chat is th traditional way to deal with customers and clients for various business purposes in which a human being has been communicating with you. This is the most common way worldwide where this kind of communication is done. Here you don’t have to download any type of software. The live chatbox will itself pop up on the website where the business dealer while available to make conversations with mostly for 24 hours.

●    Chatbots

Chatbots are kind of an inbuilt programmed AI software along with the website. The conversation here will be in a more formal manner. Certain questions and conversational lines are programmed in this software. These will lead you to the objective of your conversations. This is considered more sophisticated than live chats. The chatbot will work according to a specific manner according to the website.

●    Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the latest technology for chatbots for business that has been introduced. You will feel that you are talking to real human beings in this type of technology, but it is a programmed AI. Using this kind of technology is very beneficial for the companies as they make the conversation easier with clients by appointing some agents wo make the deals. When you chat with a Conversational AI, it starts to learn you and your objective and upgrades itself to make the conversation more meaningful. They understand you and provide you with what you are looking for. This is a level above in the case of dealing with customers from the chatbots.


Having conversations with a real human being is customer-friendly, as both can conclude, but sometimes human beings could cause errors. It is also a loss for the business company to afford agents who can do live chats for 24 hours. Thus, a chatbot is an affordable concept where you can have conversations throughout the day without any delay. As this is an AI of a specific script, many objectives are not fulfilled for the customers. Then comes conversational AI, which has both advantages, but as it is new to the market, the efficiency is unknown. Thus every technology has its perks. It depends on the business background and how the conversation will be made.

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