When you are the ow ner of a business or managing director, it can be difficult for you to take some time off and it sometimes feels like the option of taking a summer holiday is long gone. But with some careful planning and by utilising some of flexible business software and thinking outside the box a little bit, you too can take a well earnt break in the summer sun.

One way you can ensure that the business continues to run smoothly in your absence is to utilise a VOIP phone. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which basically means that the telephone operates across the internet a bit like talking to someone over Skype. You can purchase these systems from an international voip wholesale provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/ .These phones give you a lot more flexibility than the traditional style landline and mobile phones and are much more cost effective. When you are planning a holiday, you can simply have calls divert across to your chosen telephone number (you will need internet connection to utilise this but will not have costly overseas call rates to contend with). Equally you can also activate the email feature of the VOIP system which means that you can have an email sent to you with the contact details and answerphone message details that have been left, so you can scan through them at a time that is convenient to you and deal with any urgent business requirements whilst perhaps forwarding any less important messages to another member of staff to deal with, or you can reply to them via email yourself.


The other beauty of VOIP telephone packages is that they can be built upon. You may decide to start off with a starter level package and then as your business and requirements start to increase you can adapt the plan to suit you both in terms of adding extra minutes on to the package, making the most of extra add ins and even adding more handsets and telephone numbers to the system.

VOIP as a technology is forever improving and new features being added. As a system it really does cover all avenues for you and most of the services can be used across landlines, mobiles and even on laptops and tablets. So, this summer take a break in the knowledge that you can keep an eye on your business whilst sunning yourself next to the pool.

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