How Can takeajob Be More Innovative Than Other Job Portals

For Candidates and Job Hunters: Although a few months old, many renowned and well established corporations and companies have started relying on takeajob as it is bestowed with contemporary features and reliable practices.his has made it an easy path for job seekers to apply and be part of their dream careers. Through us, one can build his/her profession much bigger than he/she has ever imagined. Since our inception, we have been bridging the gap between relevant candidate and prominent employers to support healthy work culture. Few of the gains that An applicant look forward to from us are: Wider career options Highly reliable Referral friendly Easy navigation For Employers and Companies:As a budding yet placement and recruiting site, takeajob has already started assisting corporations with their future stars. To make hiring process smooth and swift, our team of skilled professionals have equipped the portal with modern and ground-breaking techniques and solutions. Besides this, following are the added benefits that an employer can take advantage of by joining hands with the job portal: Rapid filling time

Outstanding clientele service Negligible risk Refined hiring Highlights of takeajob: Let us discuss the features that sets the job portal apart from other prevailing online job search sites in the market. Map Integration Unlike other job portals, takeajob has come up with map integration to spot the geological location of either a applicant or an upcoming vacancy. Live Chatt:Ahead of scheduling formal interviews, an employer can interact with a relevant candidate over the “live chat” feature integrated by takeajob.To take benefits of the feature, both the interviewer and the interviewee needs to be logged into takeajob at the same time and discuss the necessities. Later, as per the live conversation, further meetings can be fixed. Advanced Mobile App :Even though, takeajob is still working on its mobile friendly application, candidates and hiring seniors can very soon take full benefits of it.The app has been designed for swifter access such as resume upload, viewing responses, posting of vacancies, applying for openings etc. Employer Work Station ImagesWe all love to work in an environment which is employee friendly and healthy. In order to assure that a candidate gets hired by the best employer, takeajob allows an applicant to go through the images of the company that he/she got an offer to work with. In the same manner, hiring companies can upload picture of their work station for better interaction with candidates.

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