Nurses form the pillar of health-care sector, delicately working for disease prevention, lessening the suffering and performing health promotion. Therefore, nursing is regarded as the noblest profession and as per the professional ethics; nurse must practice irrespective of any material or moral pressures. A nurse in her scope of practice is not permitted to perform any such activity that is in conflict with their profession or any such conduct that undermines its value. Keeping that in mind, nurses are supposed to follow a code of conduct that sets out their standard of behavior that they are expected to uphold in their professional practice. Here are some ethics that are applied to the nursing: Promoting health awareness in society, guiding people in adoption of healthy practices, and practicing nursing as per the set scientific principles. Not abusing professional knowledge by being involved in illegitimate practices. Not making use of place of employment for marketing products or other medical services or act in a manner that results in commercialization of nursing profession. Actively participating with other colleagues in development of clinical competencies, scientific research for development of nursing science as well as to provide safe practice to nurses. Not accepting any kind of monetary gifts from patients or their family or friends and not getting involved in any kind of agreements with them to share profits or any involve in any kind of exploitation. Not getting involved in any such malpractice that can harm the image of nursing profession in the society. Nurse is not allowed to take charge of any work or activity assigned to another without coordinating with the person involved in order to reserve her/his moral interests and dignity. Nurse must never claim to have specializations that are not documented in his/her education in order to mislead the patient or employer. These are broad code of ethics applied to nursing practice that states what patients or public in overall expects from a nurse while performing their professional role. Moreover, it acts as a yardstick for evaluating the conduct of nursing practice in the society. If you are a nurse and looking for opportunity that allows you to study as well as work in a foreign country, it’s time to end your search at INSCOL. In partnership with leading Universities/Colleges in USA/UK/Canada/ AUS/NZ, INSCOL offers nursing programs in various specialty.

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