Everybody has seen a logo at some time and known immediately which company it belonged to. However, what many of us may not think about is what certain designs may portray in terms of message. The basic shapes, colors, lines, fonts and even size can say a ton about what it is that your company is all about. Companies strive to make their logo easily recognizable, very understandable, and possibly above all, unique. So much time and effort can go into designing a company logo, and artists are usually used to give each one a personal touch for commercial appeal. Designers should do their best to keep the process fun and exciting, keeping in mind that whimsical looks can sell just as well as serious ones.

Simplicity is an underrated aspect of graphic design, certainly when it pertains to logo creation. People generally do not like to be overwhelmed by a plethora of detail and intricacy when looking at a logo. They see many, many logos as they shop and browse, and an overly detailed designed may get passed over because they do not want to take the time to figure out what exactly it is, or what it’s trying to say. Everyone loves a triangle. Some people love a square but come on, its name is synonymous with uncool. Even most children can begin to recognize shapes, and as such, adults become immediately familiar with a logo based off of one of these shapes.

Color catches the eye. It is often the first thing we glance at when our eyes cross paths with a logo. Close your eyes and imagine any logo that you know well. What is the one thing that truly sticks out? We wager it would be the color splashing out against the darkness of your closed eyes. Almost every logo uses color to distinguish itself to children and adults alike, and even the ones that stick to a grey-scale scheme may stick out, thanks to the contrast to the other more colorful logos. Bright colors may say “bold, outgoing company, possibly geared toward children or adventure,” whereas a black and white logo may display an obvious message of professionalism. When designing, try not to overthink the color patterns. “Oh, what pretty colors!” may be the target response the designer is going for. Learn DaVinci resolve training to master this skill.

The use of text in logos can be tricky, but it can also be very crucial. Many companies use ONLY text for their logo, yet there is usually more to the design than just jotting down a word. Color, shape, font, and size still factor in, and the text can just as easily portray a message as symbols and shapes can. Short, precise words convey a confident company and allow people to remember them very easily. Also, they can be combined with shapes and things to create a unique design. Try to be careful about using words, as they can say many things – both positive and negative – about your company. Casual, free-flowing words or phrases can create an atmosphere around the logo of a comfortable company to work with.

Logos often have simple looks and complex creations, and those are the logos that become the most synonymous with their perspective companies. Do not over-complicate things when you can avoid it and think from the perspective of a customer at all times throughout the design process. What type of logos do you like to look at? Which ones send an obvious message to you? Successful logo design can help lead directly to a successful business, so treat the process accordingly. Enjoy yourself as you design, too, because the logo should be a good time for everyone involved! For ideas, feel free to visit us!

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