How to Make Strong Emotional Bond With Teenager Child

Teenage – the most fascinating age in any child’s life. Teenage – the age of distractions and the age where the child modulates himself to a very greater extent in both the aspects- positive and negative. This positive and negative is determined by his peer group like School, friends, family, habits, interests etc. A child faces all kinds of ups and downs in this age when he is maximum involved with his friends which is the greatest influential factor. Being practical, in this age (as already stated is the age of fascination) children tend to get attracted, they wish to make more strong bonds with their friends, relationship issues are at their peak and what seems right to them are the views of their peer group and not parents. In this age, parents become the most outdated version for them and all they build a mindset is that they are mature and capable enough to decide their proceedings. On the contrary is time period of being 13 to being 20 is the only age which either builds the future or destroys it. The only affecting factor is the children parent bond and the peer group. lets discuss an example over this- child develops the habit of all the unproductive addictions like consuming cigars and alcohols which becomes the first step of downfall. On the contrary , a child develops a habit of productive addiction like indulging himself in reading novels becomes the first step of his growth. When a child positively develops himself he will surely somewhere at some point of time turns to him parents, and tries to get their opinion and suggestions. On parents part, they are necessary to build a strong emotional bond with their teenager child so as to make him emotionally strong and build his morale strong. Parents should develop a habit of spending a part of the day with their child, talking to them about the ups and downs of life and motivating them to achieve all the targets in their potential. Make them free to share every little happening of their life to you so as to guide them to be on track. Develop the habit of talking about all the small things that a child has to face in this age, then may it be the little mood swing or the distracting elements. This is also the age where the child undergoes all the hormonal changes which also is an influential factor in his changing behavior and mood swings, make them comfortable to share these changes with you. Help them develop the habit of judging their own approach to deal with every situation they face on every turn of their life.

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