IATA Certification - Your Non-Stop Flight to The Travel Industry

The world of travel and tourism is brimming with opportunities for the taking. Indian tourism industry is slated to grow more than double in the next decade. Industry-moguls and think-tanks estimate that there is room for 300 airports and 400 airplanes in the country, which will materialize in the next decade. As you may imagine, the growth, perks and advantages of joining aviation or tourism business are limitless. If you’re contemplating a new career path, travel and tourism is the perfect choice for a high-flying career. Imagine traveling the world and getting paid to do it. What’s even more interesting is you become smarter by wandering the globe. Aviation and travel has offered vacancies even during a sluggish economy where other businesses were rampantly downsizing. Good, now that you are interested in knowing more, here’s what you should keep in mind to get your foot in the door. To turn yourself into walking encyclopedia of the travel and tourism world, you’ll need to have to take up a globally recognized course that will infuse the most advanced industry-relevant knowledge in you. IATA Foundation Course is top-choice for every industry professional. It is the course that can open many doors for you. One that is globally recognized and you will find yourself attracting job opportunities in a dozen irrespective of the country that you travel to. Read on to know why this course is a must to kick-start your travel and tourism career. Shortest route to an ever-lasting career It one of the short term courses in travel and tourism that instantly turns you into highly-compensated professional. IATA foundation course makes you the go-to expert for advising tourist on passport and visa requirements along with travel insurance. What makes it a hot-favorite among students is its shorter time commitment. Unlike most courses, a minimal 200 hours is needed to get a certification. With only a few hours of training, you’ll be equipped to interpret standard industry codes and qualified enough to draw customized travel itineraries.

Familiarize yourself with cutting-edge software Also, the course is designed to train you to administer repository that is commonly used by aviation and ticketing companies. You’ll become much-coveted specialist by using Global Distribution System to maintain reservation and issue travel documents. The module also teaches you the nut and bolts of Amadeus system functionality, which will make you a mega-success because there is a ubiquitous need for such professionals. Though there are many travel-experts, who are making a killing without a formal education, but they had to invest years and years of blood, sweat, and tears to get there. IATA foundation course trims the years that it takes to break-in the tourism world by putting you light-years ahead of the rest. You can steps into the shoes of a Travel Agent, Airline Reservation Agents, Tour Operators and Tourism Board Staff. How and where do you start? The recommended way to sky-rocket your learning and guarantee your entry is to learn from an IATA approved travel institute. With industry-experienced faculties and competitively-trained teachers, you’re bound to become a spitting image of success. Alternatively, you may choose to individually pursue it from IATA official website. All you need to do is register by providing your basic details and making the requisite payment. Immediately after that, you’ll have access to study material in the form of video-modules, booklets (printer or soft copy) and sample question papers. Learn the fine art of travel and tourism management through an IATA foundation course from leading IATA training Institute in Delhi. As you’ve come to understand the significance of this course and the value it adds to your career, it’s wise to get educated before you wear the shoes of a travel industry expert.

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