Indian Educational System- On Change For Good!

With the first month of New year approaching towards end, a new India getiing to a new beginning. The new India is termed as better education and future prospects of students. Quality education was a big hindrance into the lives of students as they faced many hurdles in getting their dream job or the job that can satisfy their education in other words, same field job. With New India coming into existence s new form of education was introduced in recent time to get to the core and provide best quality education along with live training. “Structured Engineering”, a subset of Civil engineering which focuses more on practical approach and students are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures. What concerned the majority of students whether to approach for higher studies or go for a job, as the job in their core field of study is not 100% guaranteed, what lack in them is the practical approach. With the coming or formation of new India, things got some new turn. With many mega institutes getting inspired by US educational system, train their students the required skill set, to decrease their struggles for finding a job. The survey by National Educational Authority of India found that in recent years the difference of percentage between a degree holders and those who got a job in their core field was just 18 %. The Best Engineering colleges in Indore are hard to find. Although Indian Education still needs to change a lot but its a right approach by Structural Engineering M tech Indore to quickly adapt the changes in the system and think about the core training modules , in turn helping every students to revive their dream of civil engineering by providing practicality approach. In recent years more and more students are tracked to go towards those institutes that not only provides good education but also provides quality learning along with practical approach which can be implemented in real life or take be taken out work from in future prospects of jobs. In return increasing the growth rate an individual along with increasing per capita income of the nation.

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