Why The Demand of Polytechnic Diploma Courses is Increasing?

With the prospect of Engineering courses declining day by day everyone seems to be shifting to polytechnic courses, because of increase in demand and future prospects Despite of huge competition in core polytechnic courses the demand or the application form doesnot seems to decline over the period of time instead it is seen an increase in past 2-3 years according to the survey done by NES India. According to their survey an increase of around 35% was seen in a short period of time, either the students are opting for polytechnic courses or shifting from regular to it. Researchers say there could be many reasons for this trend, the increase in demand, and better job opportunities for diploma-holders from polytechnic colleges is high at present Some of the observance was made by the NES India relating to present scenario was diploma holders were being paid more than engineering graduates. There are more than 150 polytechnic colleges in MP, offering a wide range of courses. Now comes the main difference between Polytechnic and a diploma courses.. Are they same or are they different? Or is polytechnic a degree course? If you are still confused if to opt for polytechnic courses or not let me explain you Polytechnics are educational bodies that impart higher study programs for young aspirants. The main difference is that polytechnic colleges offer technical degree program which are much practical in approach and easy to get a job as it is meant to be involve practicality skills and practical approach. The main aim of a polytechnic course is that they offer short duration courses that just focuses on industrial specific courses which are in high demand in industry, in return offering rewarding careers in a very short duration of time span. Whereas diploma focuses in getting a person trained in a particular business or trade .. In other words we could say that Diploma is concerned with service dept and polytechnics with product dept.. That is the main reason why students nowadays prefer polytechnic who plan to take Engineering as their core in their higher studies or their subject in college. If you are planning to choose engineering after your 12th because you care for a job, you may consider having a look at polytechnic corses offered by the colleges, as it the new trend to get trained in something that could be of your use in a wider aspect of making a living.. Polytechnic colleges in Indore helps to build a students life and supports them in building their careers for long.

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