If you thought you knew everything there was to know about how to dress yourself every day, you might be surprised to find you still have a few things to learn. Here are some great tips to help you on the way to a full, complete wardrobe with all the right pieces.

Forgetting your accessories

Forgetting accessories is bad, but styling them incorrectly can be even worse. This doesn’t mean adorning yourself with bracelets galore. It means knowing that your navy blue suit will match perfectly with a brown belt – and putting brown shoes on to go with the belt. Carefully styling your accessories can go a long way.

Garishly branded t-shirts

Subtlety is the face of men’s fashion in the modern industry. A tee with a massive logo imprinted across the chest is now reserved for young children and not for men who want to be ostentatious about where they buy their clothes. It’s better to wear a cool and casual tee or choose from a few Farah Shirts – a staple of any man’s wardrobe.

Black shirts

Speaking of shirts, if you want the collared variety, it’s best to avoid black. The colour itself isn’t inherently bad, but consider what happens after the first few wears. Black isn’t a very durable colour, and it can fade and discolour irritatingly fast. Nobody wants to walk around wearing old clothes – or clothes that just look old. A range of cool and long-lasting shirts from a place like https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah or any good-quality retailer can sort you out. If you do wear a black shirt, make sure to replace it before it goes scruffy.

Sportswear when you’re not doing sports

You must think of the occasion for which you’re wearing the outfit. It’s a little cringy if you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie – along with fluorescent-coloured trainers – just to pick up some milk from the shop. Functional trainers serve a purpose. Let them do their job, and put some other shoes on for your milk run. Wearing clothes that suit your activity or your body as a whole is explained more at http://uk.businessinsider.com/the-worst-style-mistakes-a-man-can-make-2017-8/#2-clothes-that-dont-fit-9.

By now, you should be a fashion pro. Commit these tips to memory and you will have an amazing wardrobe with an unmatchable sense of style.

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