Purple is a regal colour; in fact, so few of us wear it that you might think only royalty are permitted to do so. It is true that there are some shades of purple that only a few of us can carry off, but there are many other shades. If you follow some basic rules, you will find it easy to wear this beautiful colour.

The maxi

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One of the most sensational ways to wear purple is in the form of a maxi dress; in fact, there is nothing quite like a maxi dress to make you feel feminine and classy. Choose a thick fabric in a dark shade for winter and a pale lilac for summer. Complete the look with the footwear of your choice – pretty much anything goes, but remember to tailor your footwear to the look you want to create.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t mix too much purple or too many shades. A lilac top with a deep purple skirt is fine. Purple lipstick is fine with a lilac or green outfit, but don’t wear it with a purple maxi dress or jacket. Too much purple can make you look like something from The Walking Dead.

Mix and match

Surprisingly, the right shade of purple works well with brown; even more surprisingly, despite what all the experts say, lilac and red can work together. Just don’t wear bright red with a deep purple!

You can also try wearing grey with purple, as long as it doesn’t remind you too much of your school uniform, but be careful that the shades are not too similar. Lilac and pale grey can meld together, as in a dove grey, and you want to stand out rather than fade into the background.

Maybe not blue and green, but purple and green…

There is something absolutely stunning about a deep emerald green worn with a deep regal purple. There are some beautiful dresses available in these colours, such as the purple maxi dress at AX Paris, to prove this point.

All is not lost when it comes to purple. Remember what the hypnotherapist Milton Erickson said – to be a good hypnotherapist, wear lots of purple. Forget the rules and hypnotise everyone with your stunning dress sense.


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