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There are many great reasons to ensure that you and your family are drinking adequate drink. Most of us are primarily interested in the health benefits, such as dissolving fat, lubrication cartilage, preventing headaches, improving concentration and improving kidney function. Luckily, these days there are many ways that we can drink using bottled or filtered sources. How Clean is the Water? Bottled water is usually very clean when compared to tap water as most pollutants are removed. Some methods used would be outside the feasibility of most home filtration systems as chemical processes and UV light are used. Filtration systems vary in effectiveness, but they primarily use carbon as their filtration method. However, home filtration systems do have one main advantage over commercially bottled. Plastic bottles cause phthalate contamination. How Convenient is the Choice? Bottled water is everywhere and easy to find if you need a drink. Many companies will deliver bottled water to your home or business. It can be a good option to have water filter systems for office use, but usually, such systems are located in the home. This makes it less convenient, and if you have adverse water quality such as hard water, it can be affected. The filters will need to be changed regularly, but some filters can be cleaned and reused. If you want to take filtered water with you, some advance planning is required, and a suitable drinking vessel should be used.

What are the Costs? This is where water filtration systems really shine when compared to bottled. A filter system is passive in nature, aside from the initial cost, the water supply, and filters it is very cheap to run. On the other hand, bottled can be very expensive, and it varies a great deal in quality. However, if you shop around you can find bottled suppliers such as Aussie Natural that provide natural spring water in bottles at an excellent price. The Environmental Considerations: Obviously, all that plastic makes bottled a less than optimal choice for environmentally focused people. A rough estimate places plastic as having a 450 year period of decomposition. Some plastic bottles can be recycled and refilled, and this can offset the impact somewhat. Home filters do come in plastic containers, but on the whole, a home filtration system is far more environmentally friendly. Some filters can even be recycled now by sending them back to the manufacturer. If you’re looking for at water filter systems for home or business, speak to us. At Aussie Natural, we have a diverse choice of water products available for sale, including water filter systems. Get in touch with us, and we would be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.

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