Health Tips To Prepare You This Summer

The summer is just around the corner and we hope that you are all charged up to take the heat! Summer has always taken the toll on our health. Problems like indigestion, dehydration are common in this season. But, nevertheless, how can we forget the deliciously juicy fruits that summer brings to us. So, how are you going to safeguard yourself this summer? Well, here are the tips – 1. Curd – Curd or yogurt is surely going to act as a cooling agent whenever summers annoy you. Take up the curd or yoghurt and make tasty lassi out of it. You can also make chhach or raita. Whatever suits your taste buds, just grab it. 2. Coconut water – One of the most inexpensive ways of restoring the lost electrolytes and soothing your thirst is organic coconut water. Organic coconut water is laden with cooling properties. It’s sugary taste not only smelters your mouth but also reenergises you. 3. Organic watermelons – With 90% of water, this watery fruit is a must when it comes to summer. Watermelons avoid dehydrations and keep your body hydrated always. It is best to eat organic watermelons daily during summer time. 4. Organic cucumber – Another cooling agent which is inexpensive and readily available is organic cucumber. Organic cucumber comes with tons of benefits. Right from beauty treatment to a highly functional digestive system organic cucumber has it all. Apart from food habits here are several more tips to deal with the summary heat. Here is how –

1. Always apply sunscreen before going out. Sunscreens are important especially if you own a sensitive type of skin. Applying it before going out is mandatory as it safeguards you against harmful sun rays that can damage the radiance of your skin. 2. Drink a lot of water especially when you are out. Always carry a water bottle with you. In summers you should refer more of a liquid diet. Relying on coolant fruits is also vital. 3. Carry a scarf to cover your head. Skin is often damaged by the heat. It is best that you cover your head and face using a scarf when you are exposed to sun rays. 4. Summer would often cause acne breakout on your face. It is best to use face wash and cleanse your face on daily basis. The deposits of sweat and dirt creates problems for the skin pores. 5. Buy a rose water and keep it with you. Sprinkling a few drops of rose water on face shall immediately rejuvenate it. This would work especially when you wish to reach on a special function and need to refresh yourself. 6. Include organic carrots in your diet as well. Consumption of carrots helps you get rid of the toxic material deposited in your liver. Detoxifying your body in summers is significant. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Drinking more water shall keep you hydrated and flush out the toxic from your body. Relying on salad especially like cucumber, carrots, watermelons is also worth the consideration. We wish you a Happy Summer Time! From The Organic Garden

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