Is There an Expiration Date on 350ml Bottled Spring Water?

Many people become visibly confused when they see and expiration date on a bottle. It seems strange that bottle drink would go bad and even need any kind of expiration date. However, in many cases, the water itself is not the cause of the expiration date, and there are other factors at play. In fact, the main need for a date is to illustrate when the plastic bottle expires and how it may affect the contents. Let’s take a closer look at how this began and why we need this guide today. A Little History: The origins of this practice began in New Jersey, USA in 1987 where a state law had been recently passed. This law stated that any beverage or food had to be labeled with a two year expiration date. Eventually, this law was amended, but the practice continued and became a part of the bottling and packing process. The expiration date was needed for manufacturers of sodas and beverages because the contents of those bottles do expire. However, it doesn’t need an expiration date unless it has other ingredients added to it. In order to service the requirements of printing expiration dates on bottles and packaging, expensive infrastructure had to added to the bottling process. For a food company with different brands. So What is the Expiration Date For? The majority of drink sold today is purified before it undergoes the bottling process. This excludes natural spring waters, as they are already naturally pure and will not expire. In both cases, that needs and expiration date. Plastic bottles contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which is a slightly porous material that can pick up external tastes and smells. This is why bottled stored in a smelly basement or a garage for a long time can taste off. The expiration date is an indicator of when the bottled to help you to determine when the plastic is past its best for optimum drink storage. If you plan to store water for a long time bear this in mind and continuously rotate your water bottle supply. If they would like to know more about 350ml bottled suppliers, Perth residents should contact us. At Aussie Natural, we have a wide selection of products available, including a delicious 350ml bottled. All of our spring water is sourced locally and offers quality at a very reasonable price. Get in touch with us soon, and we will be happy to discuss your need further.

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