We are all used to the rows of bunker-style freezers in our local supermarkets. They are awkward, have a large footprint, and can swallow huge amounts of stock and become encased in ice.

On the other hand, an upright display freezer is the epitome of convenience, enabling you to see at a glance the products you want. Let’s look at the attributes and benefits of upright display units.

The sales lift effect

If you are looking to buy an upright freezer unit, you can expect a sales lift as high as 35 per cent. This is the result of increased visibility for your premium products. Glass display doors make it easy to scan for the right item, while improved access enables customers to get their products and go.

The sales lift will offset the higher upfront costs of choosing an upright unit, making this the cost-effective choice over its lifespan.

A compact footprint

Whether you want to maximise profits in your convenience store or minimise the amount of space utilised by your frozen goods, an upright display unit offers a much smaller footprint. Unlike chest freezers, upright units come in a wide range of configurations. This means you can customise your display to suit the size of your installation.

Maintenance and presentation

A bunker-style chest freezer is usually a static unit that quickly begins to accumulate ice. Not only does this mean additional maintenance defrosting your freezer but also the possibilities for attractive display are limited.

While the interior of a chest freezer can look like a jumble sale, an upright display unit enables you to create an attractive display. Choose a frost-free unit from a stockist such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/glass-door-refrigeration/single-glass-door-freezers and your products will continue to look appealing while your maintenance is minimised. Look for features such as customisable shelving to get the most out of your upright freezer.

Why an upright is right for your business

Whether you run a busy professional kitchen or want to maximise profits in your convenience store, an upright display freezer is the smart choice for you.

With their blend of convenience, reliability, low maintenance and style, upright freezers put you in control of your business. Look for the right footprint, net capacity and climate class to make the right choice for your business.

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