Smartphones seem to have an app for everything. Their ability to make life just a little easier carries great value. In many classrooms smartphones have now become useful learning tools. Students can access learning programs online, collaborate with their classmates, and even make presentations. All of this from the comfort of their handheld device. In the wake of recent tragedies new apps have surfaced that are focused on security. This apps give student the ability to protect themselves, they also allow parents to ensure that their children are safe. Here are some apps that provide school security seattle wa.

Crises Management

The increase of concerns over security have boomed in the wake of mass shootings. Parents and students both share a desire for safety. They want to believe that schools have optimized their security plans, checked the systems they have in place, and increased their vigilance so such tragedies can be avoided. This involves both high-tech and low-level technologies. One example of simple technology being used by schools is a crises manager. This is an app students can download that lets them access the schools safety plan. It has list students can pull up of every calamity the school may experience, and the step by step process involved in protecting themselves from such a calamity.

Crises Reporting

Another very useful app currently available is a crises response and reporting app. If a student feels threatened for any reason, the app is quick way to connect to security and report the incident. It can also assist students who are bullied. It gives them the ability to report the incident in private and contact administrators who can help them. Fast, easy, convenient, and easily accessible such an app allows students to a little safer. They know they are never alone because help can arrive in the push of a button.

Crisis Response

On the same level as a reporting device another app allows for instantaneous assistance using punch. This is great for severe emergencies as it allows the student an all-inclusive communication. They simply press a button and a message is instantly sent to responders. The responders know where they are, when the communication was sent, who sent it, and can even text the sender updates to let them know they are on their way.

Panic Button

Another version of the punch is an app that connects students directly to authorities. This can be very beneficial for students as it provides even more assurance. Some smart phone apps function as a panic button for an active shooter event. They allow students to contact authorities right away with an instant communication that alerts police responders to an active shooter. This is great for safety and security as it alerts police faster, allowing for a quicker response.

Emergency Tracking

This is for the parents. It is an app that allows them to be fully aware of any emergency occurring at their child’s school. It provides an alert of any drill or actual event that occurs. Such apps cover more than one school and are perfect for districts.

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