In 1942 it seemed as if the Nazis were unstoppable. they had one very battle they had taken Belgium and France. They besieged Britain and the USA was not ready to commit to war. On the Eastern Front things were just a mess. The Germans had pushed the Russian back to near Moscow and all that was needed to do was defeat the Russian Army at Stalingrad and the nation that had fought tooth and nail, man women and a child (and would end the war with more dead than any other country involved) something was needed to help turn the tide. That something was the T-34 medium tank. We can’t provide you with a T-34 but we can help you to Experience what its like to drive a tank with Armourgeddon with one of our Tank driving days Just follow the link to see what you can do.

The T-34 was the war wagon that he Russian needed to test the dominance of the German armour such as the Tiger tanks. The design of the T-34 was revolutionary. It was made to last and it could be made quickly.  Thicker armour at the front that others so that it was able to take more and bigger hits. The really clever part was the sloped front of the tank that was built to deflect away shells that were fired at it. One of the first self-mounted rocket launcher systems, Panzer Faust, was in the inaction and at the time and the Russians were rather concerned. The T-34 rolled out to great applause as the army knew that they finally had a machine that could compete. It was the epitome of the perfect second world war tank. It could drive over anything and it did. The Germans suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of an assault. The T-34 was so agile and speedy they found, for a time at least their Panzers were outgunned and out matched. The T-34 could be easy engineered and created rolling out of Tank City with incredible speed. They would sometimes go out with no colours as the battle was so intense they needed to be on the front line straight away. Slowly be surely the Germans were driven out of Stalingrad and also pushed away from Moscow too. They began a long tactical withdraw which was basically the start of the end of the war.

Victory had its price. Nearly 45 thousand tanks were lost, and each had a crew of 6. The numbers are mind-blowing but such is the resilience of the Russian people and serious desire to defend their homeland. At the end of the war the T-34 for was built by the old, the infirm, mothers and their  children such was the demand for them in the second world war.



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