Many electronic, machine or automotive industry players can require all sorts of metal springs for various applications. If you need to choose the quality and cost-effective springs, check for torsion springs or compression springs. Here you can find some facts about standard and custom-made metal options to consider while choosing your favorite local compression springs or torsion springs supplier.

What Are Torsion Springs and Where Can We Use Them?

This kind of popular springs has been designed to exert torque. Torsion springs usually need some twisting or pressing to start performing. In the majority of cases, such metal items can return to the initial position, once the force is not applicable anymore. Customers often prefer this design because they can easily fit either aged or brand-new equipment or machinery. Due to a wide range of sizes the torsion springs are produced, for example, they can be successfully used in many cases, from a simple pin for clothes to levers.

When you contact an experienced metal spring supplier having in mind a certain application for the required torsion springs, the professional company staff can always advise you on the selection, material and even the right custom design of the item, if we talk about replacement options.

Thus, if you are interested in standard and individually produced torsion springs for any application, take a look at the items manufactured by Custom Spring Corporation. Their in-house tooling facility can cater to all possible customer needs. The staff really knows how to provide you with the proper replacement solutions.

What Are Conical Springs?

This type of compression springs is popular with customers due to their special cone or tapered form. It can perfectly fit limited spaces where the usual cylindrical spring won’t go. Conical springs are commonly utilized when there is a need to keep the right balance and stability. The coils of the conical springs are able to go onto each other as in the telescope every time when it is compressed. CustomSprings conical springs have a reputation to prolong the life of the appliance or machine.

The application of this type of metal parts goes from the lawn mower to power equipment. Medical tools and even electronic gadgets like phones can also benefit from those compression conical springs. These metal items are non-linear compression springs, meaning they are different from each other because of their outer diameter and the force that is applicable to smaller or bigger diameters.

To get an expert consultation, a standard or custom design and engineering services, speedy in-house manufacture of torsion springs or conical springs from the applicable quality material for your new and replacement paraphernalia, it’s better to address trustable Canadian metal spring and stamp supplier near you. The right manufacturer can always offer you the highest quality materials and designs that can suit your applications perfectly well.

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