In modern society it can seem that communities are often fractured. Political and economic differences cause communities to feel a sense of fracture. Neighbors often don’t speak, and people tend to look out only for themselves and their close friends and families. Furthermore, as technology improves, and social media becomes more ubiquitous it seems like people become more and more isolated. However, this does not have to be the case for all communities. For those communities with strong faith centers, such as churches, there can be a strong sense of community and a bond amongst neighbors even if they do not attend the church. These benefits are both direct and indirect including certain economic benefits. For these reasons communities often are enhanced by a strong faith center.

There are many community churches around the country like a Plano TX Community Church that make their communities stronger and more united. Indeed, communities with strong community churches often find their political environment to be more stable. Yes, there is disagreement among individuals, but not the kind of vitriol that is commonly found on televisions in the current political environment. Some argue that community churches provide negligible economic benefit to communities because they are tax exempt. These arguments avoid the fact that the economic activity of thriving churches often provide greater economic stimulus than would be provided if they were not tax exempt.

Community faith centers often fill a void in aspects of modern society that nothing else can seem to fill. Isolation and alienation have increased as technology has become more advanced. Most people feel that they do not need to meet with family and friends on a regular basis because they have a constant feed of information about their family and friends provided in real-time by social media. However, this does not provide the same fulfillment as actually spending time with family and friends. Community faith centers provide a place for family and friends to gather and socialize on a weekly basis. This gives people the ability to connect in a way that they would not likely do in the absence of a community faith center that provides the encouragement and space to socialize.

Individuals are complicated and have trouble processing what may and may not be moral. It is possible to go on the internet and solicit opinions on morality or simply read books, but such endeavors likely do not satisfy those in true need of guidance. For many it may seem that community faith centers are bygone institutions of a distant past. However, community faith centers provide a valuable forum for those seeking guidance in life to find that guidance. The ability to find such guidance can often help to solve deep trauma that would just fester if the individual did not have the community faith center to attend. Providing moral guidance creates a happier and more fully functioning community. With all the benefits that a successful faith center can provide it is very possible to have a strong and vibrant community.

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