Oyster And Milky Mushrooms Supplier in Kolkata With Huge Success

Milky mushrooms are specifically used for consuming and gardening. However, oyster mushrooms are specially used for fitness weight-reduction plan and medicinal functions. Bengal Nursery has an entire infrastructure to offer the necessities accurately. It imports mushrooms from the genuine resources of the sector’s cultivating areas. It deals with fresh mushroom for domestic purposes. It has also studies department on mushrooms and all the methods are led by means of the experts. Bengal Nursery follows ideal method for dealing with clean and dry mushrooms. The dried mushrooms are in the first preference of all fitness aware people worldwide for enormous fitness benefits. Bengal Nursery offers with oyster mushrooms and milky mushrooms. It has restricted focused clients and places. Targeted customers are herbal medicine maker, hotel in large area, exporters (dry mushroom), and health drinks company. Targeted location is all the regions in Kolkata especially Barrackpore to Shyambazar. It’s a leading mushroom supplier in Kolkata. From lawn to kitchen, all steps are determined by means of the professionals with the franchise with the aid of the authorities of West Bengal government. Bengal Nursery accomplice with the customers to provide customized programs, packaging and support for a extensive type of retail and food carrier needs that help growth mushroom income and intake, and assist our clients’ bottom line. To fulfil the variegated demands of our customers, we’re counted as one of the exceptional and main name inside the market by using providing quality assured array of Dry Mushroom Shiitake. They’re dried mushrooms. They healthful and have excessive fee of vitamins also. They’re received from our exceptional carriers of the marketplace. Our farmers domesticate this array with the exploitation with modern-day techniques. The price of this array is likewise very nominal. Oyster mushroom is a basidiomycete and belongs to the Genus ‘Pleurotus’. The fruit bodies of this mushroom are relatively shell, fan or spatula fashioned with exceptional sun shades of white, cream, grey, yellow, red or mild brown depending upon the species. It is one of the most suitable fungal organisms for generating protein wealthy food from diverse agro-wastes without composting. Milky mushroom (Calocybe indica) may be grown on huge variety of substrates as in case of oyster mushroom. It can be grown on substrates containing lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses. Substrate must be clean and dry. Substrates are at risk of numerous weed moulds which may result in failure of the crop. it is able to be grown on straw of paddy, wheat, ragi, maize/bajra/cotton stalks and leaves, sugarcane bagasse, cotton and jute wastes, dehulled maize cobs, tea/espresso waste and so forth., but cereal straw (paddy/wheat) effortlessly to be had in abundance, is being broadly used. Straw is chopped in small pieces (2-4cm size) and soaked in fresh water for eight-sixteen hours. This period may be decreased whilst pasteurization is to be executed by steam. Primary motive of soaking is to saturate the substrate with water. It’s far simpler to soak if straw is stuffed in gunny bag and dipped in water.

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