The Features And Benefits of Aquaguard And Dr. Aquaguard Water Purifiers

Water is our lifeline, and safe drinking water is a lifesaver. More health problems in the world are caused by the lack of safe drinking water than anything else! You should get home one of the best water purifiers that use the latest technology and get safe drinking water; make it your priority. Dr Aquaguard water purifiers definitely fit the bill. So, what are the features and benefits of the range? You can choose between an RO (reverse osmosis) water purifier and a UV one, or if you want the best of both worlds, pick an RO+UV! The advantage of reverse osmosis technology is that it removes all the total dissolved solids from water. These could be salts like sulphates and chlorides. While some minerals are essential, many of the minerals such as nitrates, barium and fluoride, among others, are harmful. Using a good RO purifier helps remove these minerals from your drinking water. UV technology helps in killing all the viruses and bacteria, and works in the same manner as boil-ing of water. This technology works in three stages; in the first stage it filters out dust and parti-cles that are up to 5 microns in size. Then, the technology absorbs any impurities and smells, pesti-cides etc and in the final stage, UV slays the bacteria and other micro organisms. This modern range of purifiers comes with many cartridges. A mineral guard helps you retain all the essential minerals like magnesium and calcium that are present in the water. Ordinary purifiers could rob you of all the essential minerals. Another feature of some of the models in this range is the presence of a nutrition cartridge that adds certain micronutrients like zinc and copper to balance the pH level in the water. All the models in the range of purifiers also come with sensors that scan water and let you know about the status of purity and whether there is enough water or not. Some of the other features include an auto shut-off option that switches off the UV lamp if it is not used for a specific length of time. This ensures the longevity of the lamp. Some models also come with a warning system that lets you know when the UV bulb or cartridge needs replace-ment. There are also models that provide cold or ambient water depending on your needs. Finally, once you have checked all the features, also find out about the warranty before you buy. Stay safe and hydrated!

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