How Digital Media Has Changed The World of Breaking News?

The number of sources from where we receive news has changed dramatically over the last century. Early on it was the print media that used to dominate the news industry. Then came the good old radio , followed by television, which has completely revolutionized the news industry. This was followed by the arrival of the Internet and the world of news was never the same again. Thanks to the proliferation of online news sources, breaking is something that has become a norm rather than an exception nowadays. Speed is the name of the game in the industry today. It is all about which online agency or TV channel gets the news first. Digital media offers its own set of advantages over both TV channels and the print media. One can upload in a flash. Even the person who is in the can now contribute towards sensationalizing it further, thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This barrage of from online sources has meant that our reading habits have changed dramatically in the recent past. Although people still enjoy reading the early morning newspaper in a leisurely manner, these days it is usually confined to Sundays or holidays. For everything else, the online sources are there. If you want to know about the latest Bollywood movies, then there are specific websites for that. Similarly, if it is the latest mobile phones that you want to know, again there are scores of websites available there. Similarly, if it is tech news or anything you wanted to know about the latest gadgets, you have scores of websites with information available at the click of a button nowadays. If it is the latest sports, again you have websites devoted to specific sports that you can browse these days. One of the major advantages that online digital media offers over TV is because it is interactive. For example, you can go through movie reviews and leave your comments, which is not always possible with TV programs. Similarly, you can not only receive health tips, you can also clarify any of your doubts with the person giving those tips with digital media. The same is the case with employment news. With digital content, you need not waste time searching for specific jobs. For example, if you want government jobs, they will be available to you in a click with online job sites. While the way we receive may have changed in recent times, what has not changed is the fact that is still in demand. This being the case, who knows there might be some other media that may in the future give digital media a run for its money.

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