Rudraksha, known to be an ideal accessory to spiritual seekers has a wide range of advantages in it and even apart from spirituality, there are scientific reasons for their benefits too. It might seem like a simple seed, but the power stored inside those are immeasurably spiritual and astonishing.

Saints used the Rudraksha beads for meditating which comprised of 108 beads in total. The beads were used as they had positive energy in them and were used to eradicate negative energy completely. A spiritual component is expected to be safe and secure and must be capable of opposing the negative energy. Similarly, Rudraksha is capable of emanating positive energy and has some indication when subjected to negative vibrations. So when you buy Rudraksha, make sure you try the following steps to check whether it is a real seed.

Differentiation between healthy and poisonous foods

Initially, saints who lived in the outskirts of Himalayas, tend to judge the goodness of any food or water they intake with the help of this Rudraksha. In those days, differentiating between healthy and poisonous foods was difficult. Even water might have poison mixed in it, so they used Rudraksha to find out. Wondering how it is possible? Well, it is a proven fact that it works even now.

  • Positive or Negative food: There are positivity and negativity bias in foods. Certain foods have a positive effect on our body; similarly, an adverse effect too. For example, banana is healthy food. It is a fruit that is safe for consumption and has a positive impact on our body. Whereas, mushrooms grow out of floors, woods, etc. Mushrooms are harmful foods and might cause side effects on your body.
  • Clean water or Poisonous water: In the olden days, people used to drink water from open rivers and lakes. In that case, even if poison is ingested, it would be impossible to find that out. Thereby, the usage of Rudraksha was evident to check whether the water was clean and clear for consumption.

How did they check it?

Might seem a little weird, but it is a proven fact. If you want to check whether the food is positive or negative, and similarly for testing the purity of water follow the steps below. Try this experiment, when you buy Rudraksha.

  • Place the food or water you want to check for purity or health in a bowl.
  • Take the Rudraksha bead and hold it in a limited height from the bowl.
  • Hold it still and see for any movement.
  • The Rudraksha forms a circular motion automatically.
  • If the circular motion formed by Rudraksha is in the clockwise direction, then the food or water is safe for consumption.
  • If the circular motion formed by Rudraksha is in the anti-clockwise direction, then the food or water is not suitable for consumption. It might not be utterly poisonous, but you might face digestion issues.

It might seem superstitious, but the scientific explanation is that the seed has magnetic properties to it which performs the circular motion. Even when you wear it, the bead tends to form a positive aura around us which gives a positive effect on our body, when the inner thoughts and activities have a positive mind. However, when a person who wears Rudraksha, has a cynical perception, then the effect of Rudraksha cannot be fully gained. It limits the fundamental advantages of wearing it, so it is mandatory to have a positive mind and soul when you buy Rudraksha. It is called a godly seed for a reason, so make sure you value it accordingly.

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