Religion is the food of the soul and without a higher power, our lives as human beings would be worthless. Finding a powerful church with an honest clergy is proving to be difficult these days. However, there are some churches that are serving God and transforming mankind. A church like can be defined as the building where Christians meet to worship God or the whole community of individuals from all over the world who practice and believe in Christianity. However, you might be wondering which is the right church for you considering that various denominations that exist under Christianity. The following are some of the tips to look out for in a pious church that you intend to join:

Spiritual Growth

The church that you visit should assist your journey of spiritual life. In addition to this, you should be able to note significant growth in your personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. This growth has various indicators such as the preaching of God’s word. The preaching should clearly speak to each individual who attended the service and speak to them in a way that will open their hearts and reflect on the word of God. Moreover, it should also motivate you to change in a positive way and to reach out to assist others in your community. Additionally, it should be able to foster your spiritual growth beyond the confines of the church building.


Various Christian denominations have diverse beliefs regardless of the fact that they all believe in God and Jesus Christ. Consequently, some denominations follow strict routines which you may not be privy to. In order for you to be comfortable in the church, you must ensure that the belief system it adheres to is what you follow. However, one of the key attributes should also be that the church follows the bible and follows its teachings. Notwithstanding that, the bible may have some slight variations depending on some denominations; it remains one of the hallmarks of a true Christian church.


Although it is mandatory for you to attend the church service every week, the church that you choose to attend should have other ways of engaging the congregation throughout the week. Furthermore, these opportunities provide individuals in the church with the driving force they need to serve others and God in other ways. God gave each human being a unique talent and the congregation is made up of people with several characteristics. In addition to this, God gave us various gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. Each of them is interdependent on the other. Therefore, when you join other worshippers, you are able to appreciate and acknowledge God’s presence in your lives through them


The community basically makes up the church. Without it, the church would exist only as a building and it will lose meaning. In regard to this, a virtuous church should strive to create a harmonious and God loving community, not only within the congregation but also outside the church. In addition to this, they should have activities that encourage the community around them to gravitate around Godly measures. Moreover, the people who visit the church should feel welcome at all times.

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