Netball vs basketball is something of a contentious issue, sure to spark controversial debate between lovers of each sport. Today, we’ll be focussing on netball’s side of the debate, and looking at reasons you should favour the netball bib over the classic slam dunk.

1 It requires accuracy

With basketball, you have a backboard off which you are able to bounce the ball into the hoop – a classic move in the sport everyone has heard of. Some would argue it actually takes more skill to be able to perform this, however, most netball fans would argue that the lack of backboard in netball forces the scorer to be more accurate and therefore adds a layer of complexity to the sport.

2 It requires speed

With basketball, you have time to pause and assess the game. This is a luxury that netball players are not granted, with the ‘three-second rule’ in play. The rule is exactly what it sounds like, and you’ll see it in multiple netball training videos; the players have three seconds to land from their catch, decide on their next move and pass the ball to another member of their team.

You’ll see netball players practising for this speed with drills such as – they can’t just dribble the ball to pass time, as is allowed in basketball either – they have to think on their feet and make their move!

3 It requires tactics

There are restrictions in netball, meaning certain players can only enter certain areas. Unlike in basketball where all players can move freely across the court, netball players are extremely limited as to where they can position themselves, meaning they have to be smart about it and use each player carefully. Of course, these restrictions do lead some to believe that basketball offers more possibilities for people to thrive, as anybody on the court could be the goal scorer and the person of the match at the end. However, others would disagree, stating it makes the game easier for those playing.

All in all, there’s no denying we’re comparing two fantastic sports, which excel for their own unique reasons. At the end of the day, whether you play netball or basketball, you’re participating in a great sport, and the most important thing is to enjoy it!

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