If you have the tendency of buying tickets to watch a game or concert, you must be aware of the frustrations. You imagine that you are done paying the price, then all over sudden you are presented with huge additional fees with the hope that you will not get the patience to start the purchase all over again elsewhere. You can easily avoid such inconveniences by joining a Ticket Club. If you are a member of a club, you will be able to get tickets without any serviced fees and order as many tickets as you want. Being part of a ticket network has its several benefits.

Guaranteed seats for all important games

With a Club, you will have guaranteed seats at your ideal location where you will consider your regular spot every game. Being able to secure the same seat all the season can help you create new relationships with the other members as well as your neighbors.

You will also be able to access the newly released locations of seats. Existing club members are usually notified of new locations of seats when they become available. Most clubs usually inform their members of new locations before putting them to the public for sale.

Get favorable prices for each game

With dynamic pricing, game tickets always vary depending on the season demands. However, if you are a member of a club, you will be able to keep same low prices through the entire season and access the games and events that are not accessible to the public. Furthermore, clubs usually offer discounts to their members. Most season members are always given 15% off the prices of the tickets they purchase in-store or online.

Getting the priority for playoff tickets

If there are playoffs, Club members always have the opportunity to purchase their membership location for all playoff events. With such an option, you can only be charged as the games advance rather than making a lump sum to all the potential games.

Additionally, your membership could be useful for friends and family members who are interested in watching a few games but do not necessarily want to have full membership plans. By joining a club, you will have access to make pre-purchases for playoff tickets as well as regular season games.

Establishing a relationship with the membership manager

The membership manager is very important to your experience. He/she is the one who organizes the ticket purchases, welcome special guests, and even engage you in the ticket management plans. The members will, therefore, allow you to make contacts with the managers which would enhance your social network.

Get a chance to attend exclusive and VIP events

One of the common club membership events is the annual party which might feature your favorite players and famous coaches. Membership of a club enables you to attend such events without constraint and make you more intimate with players. In addition, you will get the chance of having VIP experiences such as going for a Summer League event.

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