Guest blogging is an effective marketing strategy that involves pitching an article to a respected website within your niche in exchange for brand exposure. This approach is beneficial for both parties as site owners receive fresh, good-quality content and your website will see an increase in referral traffic.

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Identify Relevant Target Websites

One of your primary objectives will be to secure leads that can be easily converted into sales, so targeting highly relevant websites that sit within the same or similar niche as your own business is essential.

1. Comb through competitor backlinks to see where they have previously guest posted.
2. Conduct a reverse image search on the image of someone who has published a significant number of guest posts within your niche/industry.
3. Conduct a keyword query. For example, “fashion” + “guest article” would be a good search query if you are a clothing retailer.

Read Site Guidelines Carefully

To guarantee that your content will be published on your target website, you need to understand their guest posting guidelines to ensure that your article adheres to their rules and regulations. Make sure to check carefully for word counts, images, link count and writing style.

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Contact the Owner of your Target Site

First impressions are important, so make sure to personalise your email by using their name rather than using a generic “Dear Sir/Madam” approach. Keep your pitch concise but ensure that you provide a solid overview of who you are and what you can contribute.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Across London professional SEO services understand that the benefits of developing a guest positing strategy are myriad but very few business owners prioritise this powerful strategy. This Forbes article details why guest posting should be part of your digital strategy, but here are some of the most significant reasons.

Linking your digital presence with other high-quality websites within your niche will increase your position in key search engine results pages (SERPs) and enhance your SEO, which is why maintaining professionalism is key to success.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, guest posting will also expand your professional network and establish you as a leading presence within your industry. Building a community is vital in competitive marketplaces, and this support network will facilitate the formation of key partnerships that will allow you to deliver additional value to your audience.

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