Many warehouses face the challenge of storing many different types of product at the same time; therefore, it is vital that their racking systems reflect this.

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Some units can only be moved by using forklift trucks, whilst others will be manually retrieved. Efficiently using the space available and managing the time allocated to carrying out tasks in the workplace are key to the profitability of the operation. Rack selection within the warehouse is increasingly crucial as customer demands increase.


How the product is stored and retrieved will impact efficiency; therefore, different systems will need to be included within the available space.

Push back pallet rack systems are increasingly used to offer similar density to a drive-in pallet rack whilst improving selectivity and access. Wherever you are based, solutions are available for pallet racking Ireland from providers such as

The push back racking system works in a straightforward way. Products stored in lanes sit on a carts-on-rails system, which can be anything between two and six pallets deep. Pallets are stored by pushing back existing items on the rack.

When it comes to removing items, gravity means the next pallet will roll forward into a position ready to be retrieved, facilitating a first-in, first-out system. This helps when multiple sections of the rack are being accessed at the same time. Handling efficiency is increased as the pallets return to the front of the aisle for easier removal.

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Push back has been the fastest growing pallet storage system over the past decade. It facilitates greater occupancy than a drive-in, drive-out system, reducing the number of aisles needed and leading to greater profitability for the business.

Drive-in racking can lead to structural damage, particularly affecting rollers-based systems. This has an impact on the bottom line due to repair costs and downtime of storage sections. Push back systems alleviate these problems.

These systems not only comply with Health and Safety Executive requirements but also improve safety for the workforce in many ways, as the pallets sit level.

Costs are reduced, as explained above; in addition, the availability of high-intensity storage offered by push back systems will free up crucial floorspace. Add to this the reliability of the systems and the increase in performance in the warehouse and these systems become an attractive alternative.

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