Discover How Easily You Can Create a Way to Wealth From Writing

There is much talk today of internet marketing, niche marketing and making money online. I’ve looked at a lot of these opportunities and found the one common thread across all these ways to wealth is through writing.If you can write, and you don’t need to be a world class author but do need to be able to string a sentence together and use the spell-checker, you can make money.There are many companies desperate for content for their websites and blogs and you just need to write in a style that you feel natural with and see which sites and businesses you gel with.The scale runs from an amateur writer blogging on a topic they love to a professional writer, perhaps a journalist or editor, selling bespoke writing on a freelance basis. Wherever you are on this scale, you can find a way to wealth through writing.Let’s examine some of the ways to wealth through writing which include a blog, ebooks, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, article marketing and content-paid sites like HubPages and eHow. Starting with the amateur blogger, often a stay at home mum with kids, wanting to make some extra money for holidays or for treats for the kids, may start blogging on a topic of interest. By finding groups of like-minded people on the web you can quickly build up a following for your blog. A good place to start is to join groups in Facebook or LinkedIn and to find forums in your niche.If you plan to make decent money, let’s say, at least $1,000 a month, you will need to make sure you are in a hungry niche of potential buyers (as opposed to browsers). Check out amazon and eBay see if there are products selling in your market, then you know you’re onto a winner. A competitive niche is a profitable niche.Once your blog is up and running you can monetize it (that is, make money from it) by using AdSense (Google pays you to run niche-related advertising on your site) and perhaps also paid text links.

You can also promote affiliate products (other people’s products) that are relevant to your market, or better still create your own products, such as ebooks, how to guides and other information guides.Just remember to always be adding value to your market and you will be successful over time. Blogging is not a get rich quick plan and takes time and persistence, but does pay off if you stick with it.Once you’re in the swing of writing you can re-spin, or rework, the copy to produce fresh copy for articles, guides and to create HubPages or eHow articles. These sites pay for content and while you won’t get rich quick, you can make a decent living over time.HubPages, for example, offers a portal for posting your writing with easy to add in modules to promote affiliate products from Amazon and eBay. Some of the regular hubbers, who’ve been at it for 2-3 years are making $1,000-$1,500 from this site alone.If you’re a more professional writer you can sell your work at E-lance or other freelance websites looking for content. There are websites looking for content and willing to pay good money for 500-700 word articles, blog posts etc.So, pick up your pen (or mouse) today and start writing about topics you feel passionate about. Do some basic research to make sure there is a market for your niche and to find some relevant keywords so people can find your blog or website. Get active contributing to relevant online groups and forums to build momentum and awareness of your brand. And stick with it.I would recommend a 90-day plan where you aim to write every day, contribute to a relevant forum or group every day and spend an hour a day researching competitors in your niche to see how they monetize their blogs and sites. If you can do this consistently you will have the makings of a new way to wealth through your writing.

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