For centuries, Native Americans used rubber to waterproof clothing to protect themselves from the harsh elements. By the 1840s, inventor Goodyear stabilised this ‘wonder product’, paving the way for many inventions.

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Rubber is not only highly adaptable but also robust and dependable; therefore, it is now used in everyday products, appliances and contraptions. Of the variations of rubber, silicone is widely recognised as unparalleled for its extraordinary characteristics – notably, its excellent thermal conductivity, elongation, and resistance to extremes of temperature and fire.

Let’s look at eight common uses of silicone rubber:

1. Domestic uses

So many household items – especially kitchenware – are enhanced by silicone. Cooking pots and pans are silicone coated, making them non-stick and transforming the culinary experience.

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2. Electronics

The applications within electronics are endless, from sealing the vital workings of electronic gadgets to protecting them from moisture, heat and corrosion.

3. Aviation

Due to silicone’s resistance to extremes of temperature and stress, it has become indispensable within aviation. Used to seal crucial parts such as doors, fuel tanks and windows, it reduces the risk of flight accidents.

4. Construction and restoration

Due to its unparalleled adhesive properties, one of silicone’s most common uses is in the building industry. It binds together vital building materials such as glass, concrete and metal, reinforcing a structure and improving its durability. Silicone is also used in property restoration when repairing original features

5. Healthcare

Silicone is bacteria resistant, making it the optimal material in healthcare products. As medical goods and equipment such as latex gloves and child care products have strict safety requirements, it is frequently used in their manufacture.

6. FDA compliance

Within the food and drugs industry, silicone is FDA compliant and suitable for food processing, medical and pharmaceutical usage.

7. Industrial production processes

A vital part of manufacturing processes for numerous products, silicone increases the opportunities for cutting-edge production methods due to its unique characteristics. Silicone hose manufacturers advocate its qualities for protection against pollution, heat and moisture. Follow this link to Goodflex Rubber, which is one such manufacturer.

8. Paints and adhesives

Using silicone in sealants and paints hugely enhances their quality due to its colouration and adhesive properties.

In addition to its numerous applications, the competitive price of silicone rubber renders it even more invaluable in our everyday lives.

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