Energizing Writing Skill And Increasing Output

Every freelance writer can benefit himself/herself from the study of effectiveness of individual writing and increase his/her productivity of working from home. You can write in a better way by adopting some effective adjustments in your technical writing strategy.
One of my writer friends has complained recently about his deteriorating writing output.
“These days, I use to spend more time sitting before the computer than I ever did before and I don’t think it’s being productive.” he complained.

Spending a day in freelance writing conferences and coaching my hardworking novice writers, my response came out without any conscious thought.

I coach my novice writers to develop their personal writing tactics or process on regular basis. As a teacher of freelance writing I very often think about mine, but the more I thought about the more I realized that professional and experienced writers merely spend time thinking about this complex element.
Many of us remain too busy in thinking too much about the writing process. We usually have deadlines to meet, assignments to submit. When we spend time with other writers our mutual interactions typically categorize as-pursuing admiration for our success, input for conclusion, or quit from writing.
If you can hardly understand your own writing process you may fail to fix it. Like many of the machines in our life, regular maintenance checks prevent major breakdowns in the future.

My friend’s problem was identified and easily solved once we studied her writing technique. She was wasting more time in front the computer. Once she identified that problem she made modifications to her schedule and she is noticing that her daily word count is drastically rising back to her old levels.
So what about your own writing process?
Many writers feel shy from the term since brings back horrible memories of a rigid structure attributed to them in early schooling. That is not what I want to elaborate. Normally, I always teach my students that there is no such thing as the writing process.
I do believe that each individual freelance writer has his/her own individual writing strategy; I don’t believe in the common-to -all type strategy that many writers were forced to assimilate. Just deeply think about it. How could there be just a unique writing technique-every write has an individual strategy with strengths and weaknesses. Every writer is distinguishable from other writers. That is something that makes reading such a pleasure. Logically, every writing process should be different from others.
Finally, if you are very serious about improving your writing skill as well as productivity, you should to spend your time analyzing your own writing technique. You might get surprised by what you have learnt. I know that you can utilize your knowledge to write good articles.

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